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Enclosed Cargo Trailers Maintenance

Enclosed Cargo Trailers Maintenance is often overlooked when it comes to maintenance, but they need it regularly to keep looking good for miles and staying stable down the road, just like your vehicle. Enclosed Cargo Trailers are built to safely transport your load from point A to point B, but years of use in harsh and variable conditions can harm it’s integrity. If any part of your trailer is damaged, the load may also be damaged. Damage reduces the resale value of your trailer and poses safety risks. Even the smallest crack in the frame can cause leaks on rainy days; worn tires can cause serious accidents. Before towing your Trailer, it is important to check every corner of it. Here are some tips to keep your trailer in the best condition: Routine inspection Your Enclosed Trailer needs a routine inspection at least twice a year: Check lights, brakes, electrical wiring and fixtures prior to each trip. Inspect your trailer wiring using tools such as a vehicle light tester and multimeter in the case your lights still are not working after replacing them. You can fix inconsistent connections and broken contacts by cleaning and tightening them. You can also join broken wires in your trailer electric system using tape. Trailer tires and rims are more likely to wear out than standard car tires because they carry more load. Tires also expand and contract due to temperature depending on the weather. Always replace damaged or worn tires before driving. and always keep a spare tire. Mounting an internal spare tire mount is a good idea. Also, uneven tread wear can lead to imbalance, improper inflation and axle failure. Tires with low tread can reduce wet traction and cause loss of vehicle control. Check tire pressure when cold . Always pay attention when the season changes, especially during difficult weather. Before you drive at night or in winter, make sure your LED taillights, dome lights and low beams are working properly. Is your equipment properly maintained? Inspect safety chains, belts, axles, wheel bearings and jack for possible damage. All equipment must fit the height and width of the trailer. Loose lug nuts can cause serious accidents and injuries because the wheel can come loose from the trailer. Wash the trailer after every trip to remove dirt, grime and salt build-up, all of which can lead to corrosion and use safe, non-corrosive car cleaners. Make sure that moving parts such as hinges,locks and hanging parts are properly lubricated. When the trailer is not in use, apply a corrosion inhibitor to prevent rust.

FAQs on Cargo Trailers Maintenance:

How often should a trailer be inspected?

– It’s a good idea to inspect a trailer every day you use it. Not all parts need to be serviced, but quick inspections are worth the little time they take considering they can prevent serious issues.

How often should trailer wheel bearings be replaced?

-If you’re using your trailer a lot, try to repack the bearings once a year.

How often should you grease trailer wheel bearings?

-This varies 0n how much the trailer is used, A general rule is once a year, or about every 10,000-12,000 miles.

How often should I grease my trailer axles?

– Inspect your axles to make sure they are properly greased before every trip, if needed grease it more every time.

Idealy, you want to check the status of your Trailer every 3-4 months depending on use. Enclosed Cargo Trailers Maintenance is best performed by professionals, and although some work may be performed by the owner, we reccomend to handle major issues in the trailer structure with certified Factories and Parts Dealerships.