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Why talk to a dealer salesperson when you can talk to an expert?

At Plain ol Trailers, our team strives to get you the right custom options while saving you $$$ in the process.

Over the years we’ve helped our customers build hundreds of custom trailers, including open porch, concession, nail salon, media/party trailers. Whatever you think of, we can build it, and for less!

7×16 Standard Concession Trailer
  • Metal Finished Interior
  • Rubber Tread Plate Flooring
  • Electrical Package
  • Sink & Water Package
  • 3×6 Concession Door /w Glass & Screen
8.5×24 Race Trailer
  • Metal Finished Walls & Ceiling
  • Rubber Coin Flooring & Ramp
  • Blackout Package
  • Slant Nose
  • Escape Door
  • Interior Cabinets (Upper & Base Cabinets)
  • Spread Axles
  • Aluminum Mag Wheels

Popular Options

Frame Options

Flat Front

Option that eliminates the standard V-nose exposing the trailer tongue. This option is ideal for those looking for extra space in front of the trailer to further customize it with options like spare tire mounts, gas tanks, generators, batteries etc.

Sliding Windows

These practical sliding windows are perfect for providing extra ventilation and visibility within the trailer’s interior. These windows can be easily opened and closed to regulate airflow and allow natural light into the enclosed space. Available in 30″x15″ and 30″x30″ sizes as shown on the picture above.

Extended Tongue

This upgrade provides increased space between the trailer and the vehicle, offering improved maneuverability, easier turning, and better weight distribution. An extended tongue is particularly beneficial for larger trailers, making towing more stable and enhancing overall control.

Extra Height

Increase the vertical space within the trailer’s interior providing additional clearance which allows for the transport of taller items or equipment. This feature is particularly useful for businesses, tradespeople, or individuals who need to haul large and bulky cargo Upgrade up to 9′ interior height on 8.5′ wide trailers (maximum height varies depending on model and size)

Exterior Options

Ladder racks

Practical and efficient accessories designed to securely transport ladders and other types of large cargo without taking up valuable interior space. These are essential addition for contractors, tradespeople or anyone needing to transport Porch

Blackout Package

Enhance your trailer’s visual appeal with a sleek and stylish cosmetic upgrade that features blacked-out exterior elements like the diamond plate stoneguard, trim, fenders and wheels, giving the trailer a modern and edgy aesthetic.

Aluminum ladder

This is a lightweight and corrosion-resistant accessory designed to provide safe access to the trailer’s roof or upper storage areas. Made from durable aluminum, this ladder ensures longevity and
reliability while maintaining the trailer’s overall weight efficiency

Flat Front – Spare mount

Option that eliminates the standard V-nose exposing the trailer tongue. This option is ideal for those looking for extra space in front of the trailer to further customize it with options like spare tire mounts (see picture above), gas tanks, generators, batteries etc

Interior Options

Rubber Tread Plate

Durable and textured rubber flooring designed to enhance grip and durability within the trailer’s interior. It provides traction which prevents slips and promotes safe movement of items and people inside the trailer and helps protect the trailer’s floor from wear and tear caused by heavy loads or frequent use.

Finished Interior

This design choice offers a durable and easily maintainable surface that enhances the trailer’s resilience against wear and tear. It provides a professional and clean appearance while ensuring the interior can withstand the demands of hauling cargo, making it a popular option for various commercial and personal

Electrical Options

AC Unit

We offer compact and efficient air conditioning systems that ensure a comfortable environment for goods, equipment or occupants, even in hot weather conditions. These units are adept at regulating temperature and humidity levels within the trailer, making them an essential addition for maintaining product quality and equipment performance, among other uses.

12V Flat LED Panel

Low-profile, energy-efficient lighting solution designed to provide bright illumination within the trailer’s interior. The flat panel design ensures even light distribution, effectively brightening the space and facilitating visibility for loading, unloading, or accessing items in various lighting conditions

Rails & Tie Downs


Sturdy and versatile anchor points integrated to the trailer frame. D-rings can be custom placed along the walls or floor of the trailer and serve as secure attachment points for tying down and securing cargo, allowing for safe and efficient transportation of items, preventing shifting and damage during transit.


Versatile and adjustable anchoring systems built into the walls or floor of the trailer. They consist of horizontal rails with evenly spaced slots that accommodate a range of accessories, such as hooks, straps, and brackets. E-tracks provide multiple secure attachment points for cargo for safe transport.

Wheels & Axles

Spider Mag Wheels

Stylish and visually distinctive wheel options that add a touch of flair to the trailer’s appearance with a multi-spoke design that resembles a spider’s web. Spider mag wheels not only enhance the trailer’s aesthetics but can also contribute to improved performance, including reduced weight and better heat dissipation.

Axle Upgrades

We offer various axle upgrade options to enhance towing performance and accommodate specific hauling needs. Increase the paylod capacity of your trailer: Upgrades available to 5200 lb (6000 lb with Diamond Cargo) and 7000 lb axles. Torsion axles: These have rubber cords within the axle to absorb shock and provide a smoother ride. This upgrade reduces vibrations and improves overall towing comfort

Concession & Race Trailer Options

Concession Window

Specialized opening with glass & screen designed for food service or retail purposes. They are a key element for transforming into mobile concessions, enabling entrepreneurs to operate businesses at events, fairs, or other outdoor locations with ease.

Escape Door

These are specially designed exit point built into the side of the trailer. It allows occupants to quickly and easily exit the trailer after hauling vehicles without using the main rear doors. Escape doors are equipped with secure locks and handles, ensuring they can be easily opened when needed while remaining secure during regular use.

Rear Wing Spoiler

Aerodynamic accessory attached to the rear top edge of the trailer. Inspired by automotive design, tt redirects airflow in a way that minimizes drag, potentially improving fuel efficiency and stability while also adding a sporty aesthetic touch.