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South Georgia Cargo Trailers - Premium Cargo Trailers

Having started in 2003, South Georgia Cargo has over 20 years worth of trailer manufacturing experience at Pearson GA.

South Georgia Cargo specializes in giving you more bang for your buck, making solid trailers at prices anyone can afford.

With a 1-year warranty, they offer great value with trailers built to satisfy any hauling needs, including features like:

  • .024 Aluminum exterior standard
  • FREE .080 Polycore upgrade on black & white trailers
  • FREE interior height upgrade up to 7’6″ on black & white trailers

Most stock units are built with v-nose and ramp rear doors. You may change to flat front or barn doors free of cost on any new order.

Check out South Georgia Cargo stock units

5' Wide South Georgia Cargo Trailers

6' Wide South Georgia Cargo Tandem Axle Trailers

6' Wide South Georgia Cargo Single Axle Trailers

7' Wide South Georgia Cargo Tandem Axle Trailers

7' Wide South Georgia Cargo Single Axle Trailers

8.5' Wide South Georgia Cargo Tandem Axle Trailers

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to build my trailer if I order one?

The timeframe will correlate to the size and amount of customization on your trailer. Small sizes or trailers with low to no customization may take a couple of weeks while trailers with many custom options or complex options may take upwards of a month and it may vary between low & high season. Always consult with your sales rep about the lead time!

When can I pick my trailer up?

Your trailer is available for pick up from Monday-Friday, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm (12 – 1 pm is the factory’s lunch time, you may need to wait if you arrive at this time). Saturday pickups are an exception and fees may apply. Always notify your sales representative about your arrival, appointments are required for assistance at the manufacturer.

Do you have delivery?

We don’t have in-house shipping, but we’ve had positive experiences with UShip, a third party shipping company. You may get a delivery quote at

Can I finance my trailer?

You may finance through your own financial institution, but we also work with a third party called Trailer Solutions Financial. For more info on their service you can call: 800-224-8180 or email:

How do I calculate the GVWR of my trailer?

GVWR is calculated based on the total axle capacity times the amount of axles on the setup.
Single 2990 lb Axle = 2990 GVWR
Tandem 3500 lb Axles = 7000 GVWR
Triple 5200 = 15600 GVWR

Does the length of the trailer include the V-nose?

No! If your trailer is a 20′ long, total interior length is 20′ PLUS the V-nose extra space. The standard V-nose is about 2′, a bit less for smaller trailers.

Can I move the door location?

On custom orders, you get to move the location of you RV door anywhere you need it! It’s best to send a print or drawing of the trailer with dimensions to ensure it gets placed where you want it.

What electric hookup do I need for my trailer lights?

7’ wide trailers and 8.5’ wide trailers come standard with a round 7-way plug, while the smaller trailers come with a flat 4-way plug.

What is the bolt pattern for your wheels?

3500# Wheels = 5×4.5 (5Lug)
5200# & 6000# Wheels = (6lug)
7000# Wheels = (8lug)

What is your tire ply rating?

2990 lb Axles: 6 Ply
3500 lb Axles: 6 Ply
5200 lb Axles: 8 Ply
6000 lb Axles: 10 Ply
7000 lb Axles: 10 Ply
8000 lb Axles: 10 Ply