South Georgia Cargo V Nose 6x12 Single Axle Trailer

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South Georgia Cargo V Nose 6x12 Single Axle Trailer Standard Features

  • 75″ (6’3″) Interior height
  • V-Nose with vertical ATP trim
  • Wall members 16″ o.c.
  • Ramp Door w/ Spring Assist & Extension Flap
  • 3/4″ plywood floor/Painted Underneath
  • White metal exterior (.024)
  • 12V Dome light with switch
  • ST205 15″ RADIAL tires
  • Aerodynamic styling
  • Non-powered roof vent
  • Silver Mod Wheels
  • Aluminum fenders w/lights
  • LED Strip tail lights
  • 32″ RV style side door with flush lock
  • Premium 3/8″ plywood sidewalls
  • Floor members 24″ o.c.
  • Roof members 24″ o.c.
  • 1×1″ steel tube in walls and ceiling
  • 3500lb leaf spring axle With 4″ drop
  • Screwed metal exterior
  • EZ Lube Hubs
  • 2000 lb tongue jack
  • Galvalume roof
  • 24″ Stoneguard on front
  • 2×3″ steel tube main rails
  • 4-way flat plug/ 2″ coupler

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RollingVault V Nose 6×12 Single Axle Trailer Specification

This trailer comes standard with American-made axles and radial tires- no more bias-ply to worry about! The axles are rated at 2990 lbs for Federal DOT regulations because they don’t have brakes- it’s the same 3500 lb axle as in our other trailers and you may see competitors claiming they are selling a 3500# axle, but legally it’s not rated for 3500, UNLESS you upgrade to brakes (or to tandem axles, which would make brakes standard.

It also comes standard with a fold-down ramp door with spring assist (one hand open and close) and can be had with barn doors at no extra charge. The side door has an RV lock as standard equipment, so you can open it from the inside and lock it with a key- if you’d prefer a bar lock, that’s also available at no extra charge, or you can upgrade to bar lock OVER the RV latch and have the convenience of a latch and the security of a bar lock.

Inside, there’s one roof vent that lets in light and can be cranked open for air, but it will let water in if you forget to close it, so we suggest adding a vent cover. You can also delete the roof vent and go with a pair of side vents, these work great to move air through while the trailer is moving. The interior is 6’3” at its highest point down the middle (the roof is slightly bowed for water run off) and is a little lower at the sides and at the roof bows, around 6’2”. Figure the opening height at about 5’8” to be safe. Of course, many people add 6” or more of extra height.

The floor and walls are made of plywood, 3’4” in the floors and 3/8” on the walls. The plywood is painted with a water-resistant paint at the factory. Behind the walls are 1” tube steel beams, which are suitable for anchoring lightweight racks or shelving.

Please consult your sales rep if you have other questions, we help build complicated custom trailers every day so we’re happy to help!

What Options For 6×12 Single Axle Trailer Do You Need?

We manufacture 6×12 Single Axle Trailer in standard trailer sizes or we can custom build a trailer size for you. Trailer Options & Pricing

Call Our Trailer Sales Representative at 888-908-2646 and get your custom 6×12 Single Axle Trailer order started today!

Get the 6×12 Single Axle Trailer that will Meet Your Needs

Getting the 6×12 Single Axle Trailer that will meet your needs and having it equipped properly is the key to making a satisfactory purchase. We will help you design and build a custom 6×12 Single Axle Trailer that fits your needs.

If you need to check the Cargo Trailer Options Pricing then share your specifications with details with one of our sales representatives through email at

You can also reach us by simply filling the Contact form.

We will estimate your total expenses and let you know about the cost. After your approval, we instantly start working on your cargo trailers in our Georgia based factory. You can expect the delivery of your new enclosed cargo trailer in a period of weeks.

Custom High Quality 6×12 Single Axle Trailer Builds

Our 6×12 Single Axle Trailer built in South Georgia come in many different sizes and shapes- you can specify extra height, different cargo retention configurations, custom door placement, and colors.

During the manufacturing of your custom enclosed cargo trailer, our team, out of South Georgia, pays close attention to all the details you specify to ensure you receive a top quality built enclosed cargo trailer.

With high-quality plywood used inside the cargo trailer, we guarantee no damage to the interior of your cargo.

Also, we make sure that the trailers for sale are delivered to you after a thorough testing by our experienced team members. Our sole aim is to provide our customers a trailer that lasts for years and meet their requirements.

To make custom order for enclosed trailers for sale in GA, Call Our Trailer Sales Representative at 888-908-2646.

While most customers pick their cargo trailer up direct at the factory to get the best wholesale price, single and full load delivery is available, click here for a cargo trailer shipping quote.

Please check our Cargo Trailer Measurements to Calculate the measurements for your Cargo Trailer.

Please check our customer testimonials to get idea what our clients saying about us. Also you can find FAQ section if you still have any other questions.

6×12 Single Axle Trailer Financing

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Enclosed Cargo Trailer Financing

RollingVault Funding Enclosed Cargo Trailer Financing RollingVault Funding Gets You Approved!